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Day 562

I Call Bullshit on Denise, the Dating Site Houdini....

We mutually "liked" one another on FreeWebsite and since I "like" anybody who is geographically close (I DON"T date west of the Hudson, east of the Kings County line, north of 135th Street or south of Bay Ridge; fyi, that's still a pool of over 6,000,000 people.)

but she was in the next neighborhood over and we looked familiar to one another, but then again, we're straight white middle class people in our 50's, so there's not a lot of possible variation.

We wrote back and forth: turned out she had a couple of kids who were away for the summer, works in real estate, wrote an autobiography, yadda, yadda, yadda... she was also in Maine for the month of July, and would be in BK in Brooklyn for a short window of time before visiting friend in Cali.

So she sends me message yesterday: "I'm going to be in BK for a few days; how about getting a drink tonight?"

I reply back affirmatively, send my digits to her. She sends name and digits, request my name. I text her with suggestion for time and place.

"Oh, I didn't see this, I already made plans with a friend."

#### you.


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