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Day 564

The Blessing of a Clean Pee....

Barukh Atah Adonay Eloheynu Melekh Ha-olam, asher yatzar et ha-adam b'khokhmah u-vara vo n'kavim n'kavim khalulim khalulim. Galui v'yadua lif'nei khisei khvodekha she-im ippate'ach ekhad meyhem o yisatem ekhad meyhem i efshar l'hitkayem v'la'amod l'fanekha. Barukh atah Adonay rofey khol basar u-mafli la'asot.

Blessed are You, our God, Spirit of the World, who wisely formed the human body. You created it with openings here and vessels there. You know well that should even one of these stay opened, or one of those stay closed, we could not long survive. Blessed are You, Healer of all flesh, who makes the wonders of creation.

I've sang and recited this blessing for nearly 20 years; it's part of the Sabbath liturgy for Jews, and I think of it each time I stand and watch my pee arc its way into the bowl. Today was especially good as my pee came out clear to a pale pink. It is a sign that my body is healing, that the scrapes and ruptures that took place a week ago are returning to "normal."

Bless everything you can, including your ability to pee freely and clearly.

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