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Day 27

A day for family

Today we celebrated Spencer's birthday. Although I missed Pride, I still had a lovely day of music, games, family and a BBQ.

I'm very lucky to have such a supporting family. They all sat and listened eagerly about my new home, university, and my ongoing projects. They even encouraged me to go ahead with my plans to get a motorbike again. And when it came to an end, Spencer collected all the uncooked meats, wrapped them up in tinfoil, labelled them, and gave them to me to bring home and put in my freezer. Looks like I'm going to be having Burgers and Sausages for a while!

Work is going really well! My boss has said hes really happy with my progress and my drive to learn new things. Hes even gone out of the way to get me some extra shifts in some of the local stores so I can find my 2-wheeled addiction. Him and I spent half of our work meeting the other days oogling bikes!

I hope you have had a great Pride weekend. I bet Chippy looks very handsome in his outfit. He's such a gay dog XD

Toodle pip and Nwoo

Happy Birthday Spencer!

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