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Day 566

Well, that wasn't so bad.....

NewOldGF came over last night: we went out to the park to see a movie, hang out, ate a picnic dinner, and then walked home through my quiet neighborhood (we have many of them in BK.)

She gave me a nice foot rub and we went to sleep. There was no sexual contact; in fact, we just fell off into our own deep slumbers, and I slept comfortably, well into the morning.

We had a nice brunch and went for a walk in the forest I like to roam nearby (yes, we have a forest in BK.)

She wasn't too annoying, except when she offered a passerby detailed advice on how to get her dog to swim. But that was about it; otherwise, she was pretty restrained.

We got home, and as she packed up to leave, we talked. We discussed how my upcoming cancer treatment might leave me tired, or uncomfortable with my body, or just disinterested in sex. Which was all true.

So we agreed: friends, not romantic partners. We hugged and I cut her a nice bouquet of flowers from my garden.

Glad that's over and done. Oh, I'll continue see her as friends, but now she's OldNewOldGF.

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