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Day 700

Day eight: Ella Rock and town

Nervously I started off up Ella Rock with Owl, Sanath and a guide at 7.30am. But it was a lovely and not difficult walk which we managed easily and quickly. After all we were starting from half way up the rock. We walked along the spine through the tea plantations and eucalyptus trees, up into the rocky top of the mountain, 1,555 feet high. We walked first along the railway for about half an hour, then across where there should have been a waterfall but it was dry, and then up and up. We met a couple of Sri Lankans up there who came down with us, lecturers at a university. They talked so quickly I only understood half of what they said. Our conversation didn’t blossom. We smiled a lot.

I was sorry none of of the others came with us. They will be able to stay in bed as much as they like once we are home.

Afterwards I lolled by the pool with Peachy, catching a few rays before the clouds gathered and rain fell heavily.

Then we walked into Ella and had a bit to eat and a wander around.

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