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Day 277

Do you miss me at all?

My mind has been so blank and a spaghetti-mess of scribbles at the same time lately. I worked for the last 9 days straight and, though I love every aspect of my job, I am pooped.

This morning I'm laying in bed and enjoying being on my own, for the most part.

I've been in all sorts of trouble these days for not using my phone properly. I either don't use it enough to reply to Luke fastfrequently enough, or I'm not prioritising his dozens of notifications before checking my email or posting a single photo of chip online while I have a moment... Barely.

I'm laying in bed right now with Chip, I'm so thankful I have this time on my own where nothing is expected of me. I don't have to be in uniform, I don't have to be on time. I don't have to send messages on my phone, I don't have to check notifications.

All I have to do is enjoy the feeling of my blanket against my body, my skin, the warmth of Chip and let myself drift in and out of dreams.


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