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Day 702

Day one: Hadrian's Wall walk

Up north (Whitley Bay), with Beloved, Peachy and Apple. Today was not as expected: it poured and poured and poured. We were sodden and then cold. Peachy broke first, just after half way. She was almost in tears. She was not wearing a jumper but she was wearing my big Berghaus coat on the top of her lightweight raincoat. The coat became saturated. It was heavy and cold. Of course she was miserable.

Apple impressed me. He was only wearing a thin rain coat, a sweat shirt and T shirt. He was soaked through and his trainers were like sloppy sponges (Peachy’s feet were at least dry to the end). But he didn’t complain. In fact he said he was quite warm. And he was. Lucky thing.

Beloved is the one who most wants to do this walk. He’s keen to walk it from coast to coast come what may. Yet he’s the one who is suffering the most. He ended up with a blister on his right foot which he is lancing with a needle now. He has raised over one thousand pounds for charity doing this walk which puts the pressure on.

And me? I’d be happy to quit.

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