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Day 575

Passing time in Normandy....

I've been to many places in France - I think it may be the country I know best: I've been to Paris about 5 times, although the last time I was there must have been 20 years ago. I've traveled along the Loire River for a week, driven from Strasbourg across to Andorra, then down through Nice, and Marseille. I spent time in the Alsace region, as well as 2 weeks down in the Grenoble area. So Normandy is a nice addition to my collection of visits to France.

We spent some time on the beach overlooking the Channel this afternoon, until the evening. In NYC, the sun goes down at 7:45 these days; in Normandy, around 9 pm. But you up there in Britain, well, you've got lots of daylight right now, right?

We walked along the coarse pebbled beach; Daughter went off by herself, while FormerPartner and I entertained the little one in the tidal pools. It was sunny and nearly warm, the perfect evening.

As I sat on a rock at low tide, I thought about the happiness of being away, but worried that I'm still weak and sore, both from the operations and jet lag. Or maybe bad aging?

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