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Day 578

A better day.... without JuvenileDaughter....

I went to OldPartner this morning and attempted to explain that I was having a miserable vacation with JuvenileDaughter yelling at AdorableGranddaughter at least 7 - 8 times a day, much of it in public. OldPartner seemed oblivious to my concern. "Well, she'll be taking out the bike today, so we'll be alone with AdorableGranddaughter for the day...."

I explained to OldPartner that this was only one day, and we had 7 more days together, and if things persisted like this, I would return home a broken man, in worse shape than when I left. This not a vacation for me.

I managed to somehow get it through her head that I am having health struggles, and that the yelling and screaming was turning me into a nervous wreck. I said I would cancel vacation early if I had to endure another day of it.

It seemed to have penetrated her thinking slightly, but who knows. We had a good day without JuvenileDaughter: we loafed around the house, went for a walk, took a ride to the beach, I cooked and read a book, had a nap. It was a nice day, until JuvenileDaughter returned.

But it was a start... tomorrow we must rally.

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