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Day 583

13 hours to freedom....

Tomorrow morning at 9 am I drop them off at the station. This will not end the idiocy perpetuated by these two nitwits: I asked if there were baggage lockers at the train station. I asked over and over again if they were sure, and they told me they were sure there would be lockers, because we're arriving at 9, and their train is not until 1 pm, so we'll have 4 hours to visit the town where the station is in....

Of course, I did my research, and there are no lockers in this town. So I'm going to drop them off at 9 am, pretend to go to the gas station, and then drive to another town to spend the day.

There will be no lockers at the station, so they'll have to sit around with all their bags for the next 4 hours. I wish I could say I cared, but I don't. I'm taking pleasure right now at the though that they told me "of course there are lockers at the station," when there aren't.

So I'll be sitting in a wonderful café far away while they sit with their luggage for 4 hours.

Oh, the pleasure of it all....

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