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Day 586

So I'm the only "regular" around here these days?

I joined this site several years ago after a long-term breakup with a woman with whom I was living. I knew I had to escape from her life, because the choice was surrendering control of my entire life to her and her family, or seeking my own fortune and future.

I understood this site to be the "anti-Facebook," where people could show their serious and "less perfect" sides. I go on Facebook pretty regularly to keep up with friends, politics and culture, although I don't really post much on my personal life.

I'm not into bragging how accomplished I am (which I'm not), or what a great set of friends and family I have, or even telling other about my health problems (unless it's a bona fide gripe or expression of appreciation.)

I see a therapist once a month; Pencourage is what gets me through on a daily basis. Truthfully, I live a very comfortable life: I manage to live on the money I earn and have saved and invested, my kids are doing pretty well (except for the CrazyDaughter who lives far away with her original family) and my career seems to be working out okay.

So thanks for being there, Pencourage.

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    8 months ago

    I tend to write here more when things aren’t going well than when they are. It’s my place to vent and express things I can’t tell my friends. I’ve had this journal for several years (though I purged it and started over about a year ago) but I do tend to take long hiatus from time to time.

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