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Day 79

Ready to get away from Uncle

Not much has changed since my last post, except that our home has gotten nastier.

I'm SO ready to move out of this townhouse. Uncle is absolutely disgusting. A few weeks ago I'd noticed that we had no clean bowls or forks - I couldn't find them anywhere. After looking through every drawer and the dishwasher, I asked Honeybun about it. Uncle was out to the grocery store, so Honeybun barged in his room to look for our dishware (seriously - we were missing 9 bowls and almost a dozen forks). At first glance his room looked...oddly ok. None of the visible garbage usually about. But the smell...oh god. We knew they had to be there somewhere.

Honeybun opens Uncle's closet - and there they are. All our bowls and forks, covered in week's old food, on the floor in the corner of his closet... He stores them there so he doesn't have to wash them. Like a child.

This explains our MASSIVE cockroach problem, since Honeybun and I obsessively clean. It also explains why we've suddenly developed a rat problem. This, plus the fleas from his dog, make me glad we are almost out of this hellhole. Who lives like this willingly?!

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