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Day 720


Sid (Beloved's brother) was here in the morning. A left over from yesterday’s gathering. I didn’t want him here. I was tired. I hadn’t switched off my light until 2am. I had difficulty with his very punchy way of speaking. His whole body moved with every word. He was angry and grumpy about everything he talked of. Rant rant rant. But maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe I’m far too influenced by my silent mother. Maybe I am becoming like her: silent. …. And boring. That really scares me. Although yesterday I was chatting with Dido and M very nicely and didn’t have a problem with talking. It’s just that I enjoy quiet so much more than Beloved. I am sorry for him for this.

Otherwise a good day. Went to the gym with Owl " he asked me if I’d like to go with him which was much appreciated by me! And the other three came with me to take Ma out to a castle. We had a coffee there which was very welcome. Simple supper.

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