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Day 591

Some days I get shit done... but....

I work part time at my school - three days each week, Tuesday - Thursday, so I basically have a 4 day weekend all the time. But it's not like today was a day "off," because, well, I have a lot of shit to do!

First thing is cancer treatment: I have to do it at the same time each day, which means even though it's a day off, I still have to be up at 6:20 so that I can get to the hospital by 7:15 to drink the quart of water, wait for them to set up the machine and then give me a quick zap.

After that I decided to go for a swim, which is not so much pleasure but to get my muscles working again, as well as relieve my back pain.

I do some food shopping, head home, start cooking lunch because Son is coming over. I send out a bunch of emails, make phone calls, check on the finances, make medical appointments.

Then Son comes for lunch, I go see new doctor because my old one was a flake, then more shop, come home for a nap. Then cook dinner and settle in for a movie.

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