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Day 594

My "Cancer Kit"

When I found out that I would have to have 44 sessions of radiation treatments to "cure" my cancer, I immediately understood something: there was no way I was going to sit passively in a basement room for 45 minutes a day under fluorescent lights waiting for my 8 minutes of treatment, while a television blared.

So I put together a kit to keep me sane. Here are its contents:

• A little electronic device which shuts off the tv without my touching it. I am usually the first person in the waiting room, and if someone asks "did you turn off the tv?" I can just shake my head and state (honestly): "I didn't touch it!"

• AirPods: I would never wear these in public, but it really helps to listen James Taylor while a huge machine hovers over me, blasting me with micro-doses of radiation.

• Custom Made Hospital Gown: I found someone who makes gowns with any fabric you want. I designed it featuring the "radiation man" character, and it's soft and comfy and gets a laugh every time I go in.

• Sunglasses

• "A Year With Rilke:" Because poetry can get me through times like this.

• Gifts for the technicians. Because they're great.

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