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Day 595

A Second Date Is Planned.... Ghosts of Old GFs

I haven't really been actively "dating," although I do stay active on OkCupid. Oh, I know it's a total waste of time, but it's like playing some kind of relationship lottery: you may get "lucky" once in a while.

Which is how I ended up meeting a woman who lives on the other side of my neighborhood. Her profile was very brief, the photos were cute, and she's Asian. Yes, I know: Charmante, my very serious GF whom I wrote about here for several years, was also Asian. Actually, they are both Japanese, so there you go.

Maybe Japanese women are attracted to me because the like tall men. Whenever I met Charmante's women friends (as well as her mother and sister), it was usually the first thing they commented on.

Saturday afternoon I went out for coffee with NewJapaneseFriend (I'll need a better name for her, but that will come with time) and we had a nice time together. She was warm and friendly, and since I had visited Japan (including her city, Kyoto), we had lots to discuss. But who knows with these things...

So I was encouraged when I asked her to go out on Friday and she accepted.

Who knows.

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