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Day 596

Sleep is Elusive....

I haven't slept for 8 consecutive hours since about 6 weeks ago. I remember it well, because it was 10 days after my first kidney surgery and OldGF and I were giving it a second try. We had a nice dinner together, went to the park to see a movie, and then came home and I went immediately to sleep. I was still recuperating from the surgery, uncomfortable in my skin and moving about, so there was no hanky-panky, moofty-pufty. There was, on the other hand, an excellent and restorative night of sleep. I felt great the next day. We had breakfast, went for a walk in the park and agreed to be friends without benefits until I got my kidneys and cancer treatment over and done with.

Since then it's been sleepless nights with frequent hot flashes that leave me drained the next morning. Every hour or so I'm either pushing away or pulling on the covers, sometimes picking them up to fan the sweat off my chest, neck and face.

I went to the doctor today about this; he admitted this was common, but didn't know much about how to treat it. My hormone treatment ends in December.....


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