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Day 284

No future

I'm so stupid.

I tried starting something up and he didn't bite.

No future, we have no future. Why are we even talking? Well, at the moment we're not, but we haven't cut contact.

Why do we keep drifting I'm and out of one another's lives?
This is infuriating. I feel pathetic.

I need to move on and he needs to move on.

No future. I must keep reminding myself that. We don't have a future. He doesn't even seem half interested in talking to me as it is, let alone meeting up. He's busy with his own fabulous life while I'm busy with... Uh... My mess of work and whatnot.

It doesn't matter. What matters is I get myself together now and remember, No future.

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  • Otter Otter
    8 weeks ago

    I'm sorry your heart is hurting like this, Savannah. You are not stupid at all - in fact, I'd like to point out that you're actually quite brilliant. Your heart is just yearning for something, and he cannot give it to you. You deserve someone who wants to build a future with you, someone who would do anything in their power to make your combined dreams a reality. Not someone who hides behind words followed by no action. Words are lovely, and they can spin images and futures in the imagination, but without action they do nothing but cause harm. You have dreams and ambitions. Chase them. Chase them with everything you've got, and keep your eyes on the life that you want to build for yourself. Somewhere down the line, you'll come across someone who is running in the same direction as you, and you'll be fuel to one another. You won't have to wonder or wait or have to fight for their attention. Don't settle, please. Your heart deserves more than empty poetry without action.

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  • Savannah Bear Savannah Bear
    7 weeks ago

    Otter your words are so wide and fill me with confidence. Thank you ever so. I suppose I just looked at the situation all wrong. I didn't mean to, maybe I'm too much of a hopeless romantic.
    You're right, I need to find someone who will run with me and leave me wild while chasing the same goals as me, maybe it will be an exciting adventure to find that person while finding myself and finding myself a home. Please don't change Otter, you are brilliant xxx

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