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Day 86

Today I Am Lazy! ... Kind of...

Honeybun has been being given Sundays off lately, and we are not taking it for granted. It's the only day we get to spend with each other. Other days, at least one of us is working, and we only get two hours between when I get home and when we fall asleep.

Sundays have become my favorite. I can't sleep in, I naturally wake up at 5 AM, but I can just lay in bed. I snuggle into his arms with my head on his chest and just...listen. To his heartbeat, his breathing, the silly words he'll sometimes mumble in his sleep. I stay there for hours just enjoying the warmth of him until 8 or 9. Then I get up, set up his coffee to brew, drink some tea, and then climb back into bed once more to the safety of his soft snores to either browse the internet or read a book until 10. At which point I usually wake him with a kiss and hop out of bed to make breakfast.

We stay in our PJs, play videogames, and eventually venture outside to explore.

And I only did 2 loads of laundry!...and a load of dishes... ;P

Habits die hard.

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