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Day 99

Home Sweet Home

Not sure if the pictures of my new apartment have been attached, because I'm having trouble with the website right now, but if they arent, I'll try again on an entry for yesterday.

The apartment is small, but it's absolutely perfect. Honeybun and I have spent all weekend unpacking and walking around. We even set up a small fire in the pit by the water one night when it was cooler. Yesterday we sat at the little pier for a while and listened to the silence (and ducks lol). It's beautiful here, and I feel so much more at ease now.

Uncle is currently still squatting in our previous townhouse with no power, and will be there until he gets his settlement check for the month on the 18th. He had no reason to not have the $300 apartment deposit. He gets a huge settlement-check every month, has no bills, and we all lended him money for it, but he drank/smoked it all away. This will be my last post complaining about him, unless he does something to the townhouse that I'll have to pay the damages for... I'd rather just leave him alone and focus on my own peace.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    7 months ago

    Enjoy your new place; it sounds tranquil and may it give you years of happiness and joy.

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  • We've just run a test and pictures are uploading okay. Hope you can sort it out. You can also see picture posts after you have posted and they are coming out fine.

    After you upload, click back on the pen and click preview. This will show you if it comes out or not. Then save post.

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    Then the problem may be with my picture files. Thanks for looking into it, Monitor! :) Much appreciated.

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