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Day 100

Welp, I'm a Dummy

Finally got pictures posted! Thanks to Monitor, I inspected my picture files a little more closely and found the issue. This is my new apartment complex!

Honeybun is hanging pictures and art on the walls and getting rid of the last boxes today, so I am excited to see the changes when I get home. It already feels more like home than the townhouse did. It's brighter, more airy, and CLEAN! We finally can have a clean and tidy home, and it smells so amazing with the candle I bought on Monday (Yankee's "Sage and Citrus" is my favorite smell, though I like "Pink Sands" in my car).

Fishing is permitted at the dock, even without a fishing license, since it's considered "private property." Honeybun was excited, because there are lots of big fish in that lake. He broke out two of his fishing poles, and we've made plans for a little breakfast and fishing date at sunrise on Saturday morning. I can't wait.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 months ago

    Mazel tov! May you have much nachus in your new home!

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  • You are now a picture loading champion!

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