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Day 300

Dreaming of Paradise

Last night I dreamt that I went diving to the underwater statues in Grenada. The water was brilliantly clear and blue, I saw a sea turtle.

I have been planning a trip to the Maldives lately, I want to be basking in the sun like the South African reptile I am with sandy hair and not a care in the world.

My tiny crochet creatures are picking up, people love them, especially the new ones I'm creating.

I'm lying in bed right now typing this, I've finally got a day off. I think I'll make some waffles now - I've become blissfully addicted to Biscoff spread on waffles - on anything really.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    6 months ago

    That is so cool! I'd never heard of the underwater statues in Grenada. Very eerie and wonderful. Thank you for that tip. Have you been there?

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  • Savannah Bear Savannah Bear
    5 months ago

    I haven't been there personally, but I follow travel bloggers from all over the world, plus I have some family in the Maldives, although not in Grenada, and they have told me how tropically beautiful it is there :)

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