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Day 296

Happy Birthday, you old Warlock


No matter how many years go by since the day this world took you from me, your birthday never gets any easier. I spent this morning in tears, wishing with all the magic I have in my soul that I could speak to you once more. One more special Grandad hug. One more Grandad joke, please...

I've never had that much support with today over the years, not from family and not from exes. Today though you'll be glad to know that like helped me. He held me and stroked my hair and told me he would've loved to have met you. He listened to stories of your life and things we did together, like the time you got drunk in Turkey and stole Dylan's cap and tried stealing a taxi!

Or when you hunted the man down who molested me when I was 15 and beat him within an inch of his life.

You always defended me and were proud of me. I wonder if you still would be. I miss you so much that my heart aches. My cheeks are stained with tears. I know you're no longer in pain. I know life happens this way, but I miss you dearly.

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