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Day 108


It's back full-fledged since the weekend's events. Finances are tighter than ever now that Honeybun has no income at all. He's out going door-to-door job hunting, but nobody wants someone who has to take sporadic/sudden days off for court. I've taken on the monthly fee for our storage unit (previously Honeybun's responsibility) so that we don't lose our belongings, but he has to find a job soon to pay his car note. We had already bought our tickets to camp at the festival this weekend, so we'll still be going. We're bringing our own food/supplies and will not buy any souvenirs, so there shouldn't be any more money spent for that event. Since it's the holiday season, we're hoping a lot of jobs open up temporarily (Black Friday especially). I'm contemplating doing some freelance editing jobs over the weekends - if I can find any - to get a bit of extra income, but I know if I start working even more than I already am I will burn out, and Honeybun will sink further into depression over guilt.

My chest feels tight, and it's hard to breathe. We're holding each other up as best as we can.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 months ago

    I'm glad you can stick together through this rough patch. I'm rooting for you both!

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