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Day 110

Flicker of Hope?

Since Honeybun had submitted a background check at a coffee shop two days before the incident at work, his background went through before the PI was added to it. He goes into the coffee shop today for a two-hour (paid) training session, and then they will discuss his hours. It's something!

I barely made it home last night on my hour-drive back from work. I felt nauseous and tired and so incredibly emotional. By the time I'd made it through my front door, I couldn't even remember the drive or how I'd gotten home. Honeybun made me eat. I didn't have the strength to say no again, and I cried as I ate. The thoughts were roaring at me and ripping my self-esteem to shreds. Honeybun did as best as he could to distract with stories of the day and funny video clips. By the end it was much easier to finish eating while I focused on him. I'm trying to be better today.

I'm hoping Honeybun likes it at the coffee shop. He's never worked in the food-industry before, but he's a charmer with customers. He cherishes them, and they adore him in return. It's authority he has the problem with...

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 months ago

    If he likes schmoozing, he'll do great. My son's first job was at a diner, and he learned the art of charming customers. It's a great skill to have....

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