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Day 111

Time to Camp!

Honeybun is home packing for our camping trip. I'd given him a detailed list of everything we'd need - but my compulsive need for order will make me secretly go through it all to make sure he has grabbed everything. I'm usually the one to pack and prepare us for trips, and - while I love my man to the ends of the Earth - he'll decide we won't need something... and then we usually end up needing it. lol!

He teases that I pack for the apocalypse, but hey, you never know when disaster will strike ;) We'll only be there for two nights, but a girl's gotta prepare.

He usually admits by the end of the trip that I was right anyway. Better to have and not need than need and not have.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is having to play "besties" with Bear's wife - who has been cheating on Honeybun's brother and neglecting their child. I try to remind myself of her struggles - pregnant at 18, married at 21, being the plaything of her mother for favors... but she's just so attention-seeking and lazy. She made grown-up choices, but refuses to grow up.

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