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Day 649

A Friday to Catch Up....

So, Monday I took an actual "day off." No chores, no errands; a day of true "leisure."

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I worked my first full days at school since the beginning of September. It felt good, if not a little exhausting. But I did have enough energy in the evenings to cook dinner, play guitar, do some carpentry and even went to see the NY Philharmonic last night. So, I'm back to life....

Today it's get back to the quotidian:

• Call up the cemetery to see about getting a stone placed for my younger sister.

• Call stone carver to see if they had visited the grave to tae measurements for the stone.

• Do laundry.

• CLEAN! There's just little bits of garbage that need to be put in other places.

• Do some carpentry (I'm working on a long term project for a client.)

It all sounds a bit daunting, especially because in the background I'm listening to the impeachment hearings on the radio. It's all so clear that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the corruption endemic to the tRump "presidency," yet we all know that it may come to nothing.

We still have to go on, though...

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