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Day 651

I have an enemy, and I'm actually enjoying it....

We had a parent visiting day the week before last. I did what I thought was an interesting activity with the second graders, and the parents seemed cool with it, except for one: he called out from the back of the room "what's the point of doing this?"

I ducked his question only because we had a short amount of time and wanted to get the group going, but I approached him to answer his question, and he was visibly upset. Whatever I said only made him angrier and angrier, which was pretty embarrassing considering his 7 year old daughter was sitting 3 feet away.

I walked away to help some children, but apparently he was so steamed that he started cursing under his breath to the other teacher.

The next day he went to my supervisor in a complete state of anger, demanding that I never be allowed to teach his daughter. Which was impossible, because that's my job, and it would end up harming his daughter.

Subsequent convos have revealed that this guy holds a deep uneasiness with math, and since I'm a math teacher, he has a hatred of me (who he doesn't even know.)

And I'm okay with that....

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  • George Smith George Smith
    3 months ago

    Maybe he felt humiliated because he found the task you set the group too difficult for him? It feels like it's more about his internal problems rather than you.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    3 months ago

    Oh, he didn't even try it... he refused on the principle that I should tell him the answer, rather than him working with his kid to figure it out.

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