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Day 652

2009: This is where I fell on to the tracks

This is a true story.

I was going home after a long day at school. I took the 2/3 IRT from Wall Street to my stop in Brooklyn.

There's a narrow walkway between the pillars and the train tracks. I was in a rush, so I was squeezing myself through that little area.

I had a messenger bag at the time, and as I moved past, it got caught on one of the pillars; it ricocheted off and swung around over the side of the platform, and pulled me over.

I landed on my back; I blacked out for a moment, and when my eyes opened, I realized that I was laying in the bed between the tracks.

I was incredibly embarrassed, so I got up and looked behind me. Way in the distance I could see the light of a subway coming; it was a few stops away.

I casually dusted myself off, walked to the platform and said, "Hey, could someone give me a hand?" Some guy extended his hand out and lifted me up.

I walked over to the bench, sat down, pulled a book out of my bag, and hid from view. I didn't want anybody to see who I was.


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