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Day 655

Father - Son Bonding Time: Build a Computer Desk

Sonny comes over for brunch today; I haven't seen him in two weeks, and even though he lives a 20 minute walk away, I miss him. If you add that his older sister is in Santa Fe on her birthday, and, well, I feel like I gotta do something special.

As we're eating brunch, he tells me he needs a new computer as well as a new computer desk for his room.

"Where you gonna' get that?" I ask....
"I don't know; Ikea?"
"Hell no; I've got a shop downstairs and lots of extra wood, let's build you a desk."

So we go down to the basement and for the next few hours we measure out some wood, make a lot of cuts using a variety of implements (circular saw, table saw, jig saw, router, sander....) and what we end up with is a custom made desk that will serve him for a long time....

And along the way I showed him the craft: how to use a jig saw to cut a finger joint, how to run a piece of wood through a table saw so that it doesn't bounce back, how to round off edges using a router....

Yep, that's what father-son bonding is about....

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  • a_cat_named_Nina a_cat_named_Nina
    3 months ago

    Wants to know? I kind of felt like building a table now. I am not a mother, but I can talk like a daughter. These moments are really very important for any child. Here at home, my bonding moments were strengthened by cooking with my mother and learning to dance samba with my father. When things get tough, remembering those moments makes me believe that everything will be all right.

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