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Day 680

A Man of Constant Pain....

It been going on the last few weeks, but last week it got bad: my whole right side of my body has been in pain. There's pain in my toes, pain in my knee, pain in my hip, pain in my thigh.... non-stop pain.

It keeps me tossing and turning all night. When I sit still, it hurts. When I walk, it makes me grimace. It's just there, this pain.

And it scares me: did I finish with this cancer treatment only to have it spread into my bones? I doubt it.... it's my muscles that hurt, my joints, not my bones.

So it all leaves me wondering. Maybe it's the result of ending treatment that's doing this. Maybe now that my body is making testosterone again is causing the pain. It's all so uncertain.

I don't want to call the doctors yet, because this may all go away in a week or two, as my body returns to "normal." So I'll just have to suffer through it, and hope, hope that it will eventually recede.

In the meantime, I am a man in constant pain, and while some pain relievers help, it's not all that much. I'll just have to carry on for now...

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