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Day 682

Entering 2020 - Goals to Set and Goals to Continue

Welcome 2020, an optimistic day to consider and reconsider the new year. I wallow in nostalgia and hope, believing that maybe there is something I can do to make my life different, perhaps better.

Here's where I stand: 60 years old, in somewhat good health, financially set, good relations with my kids, plenty of friends, a vibrant spiritual practice, and a decent shot at making it to 70, which I would count as a gift.

I have things I need to do, some pretty urgent:

• I've got a lot of materials from my 35 year teaching career to organize, document and upload. I've already completed over 350 different pieces, and maybe I'm halfway done. I'm happy with what I have collected so far, but much more to go.

• I've got to get my home in shape. Move the kitchen, repair walls, get my basement bar/meeting/performance space cleaned and open.

• I've got to take care of my finances. I want to begin the process of giving some of my money to my kids, as well as supporting more worthwhile projects.

• I should start my transition away from mathematics and into poetry.

"And indeed, there will be time, there will be time...."

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