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Day 129

Hello, Challenges of 2020!

I got back home from Louisiana last Saturday, and Honeybun and I had a discussion about our responsibilities to each other. We kept it pretty brief, since I was drugged up on Theraflu, but we went over what went wrong the weekend before Christmas. We'd both been frustrated and hurt, and neither of us was there for the other when we needed to be. We'll probably discuss it a bit further soon, since I'm on the mend and not on so many medications.

He's been taking such good care of me since I got home. Making ginger tea for my throat and asking me every so often what he can do to help. I feel loved, but I'm worried about him. He's sick too, and his sinus infection had built so much head-congestion that his eardrum burst and got infected. The doctor had never seen anything like it and put him on the strongest antibiotics available. She even told him his follow-up visit would be free, because she's concerned. I'm doing what I can to care for him too - flushing his ear and packing with cotton. He doesn't have insurance, and we're worried he'll need surgery for the ear.

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