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Day 774

Happy and sad afternoon

Ma is impressive. I’ve noticed how she lives in the moment, determinedly. If something bad is going on she will look at her surroundings and concentrate on them. She doesn’t think about the future and tries not to think about the past. This is how she copes.

We saw Mama Mia this afternoon which was great fun. In the taxi back I took out my purse. Getting out of the taxi Ma found it excruciatingly painful to bend her leg and she crumbled down on the step of the cab. Sunny ran out to help her. I was paying for the cab. She was very upset on the way to the train, alarmed by how painful it had been. We had to hurry because we had 5 minutes to get the train. Once on, I looked for my purse. Not there. I was now upset. All cards gone and £35 in cash.

Ma was attempting to be solicitous but I was impatient. I asked her to shut up as politely as I could. Then I said, ‘I can’t do this any more.’ We talked. No resolution. She read her magazine. The seed was planted. She's buried it deep, already.

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