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Day 686

Where I sat the entire day....

So, I f•cked up my foot yesterday while taking a walk in the park, foolishly believing that I was having a good day. What bullshit.

Today I payed for that by canceling all my appointments, propping myself on the couch and letting my foot heal (see photo above.)

It was not an altogether "bad" day: I napped a lot, hung with GreatDaughter for a bit, got some work done, and then NewGal came by with a delicious risotto for me to munch on. It was full of salt and butter, and completely delicious.

I really like NewGal a lot; she's kind and caring and funny.... and we can just talk and talk and always enjoy listening to one another. We cuddled on the couch and she rubbed my shoulders and I rubbed her back....

But I'm still struggling with the whole sex thing; I guess I'm a temporary eunuch until my testosterone ramps up (in a few weeks? months?) but even then, I don't feel a sexual pull towards her....

.... but then again, I don't have any kind of sexual "pull." I just have a general disinterest in it. No libido.

I'm hoping it will come back, as strong as before, but for whom?

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    It sounds like you and NewGirl have a very comfortable thing going! And I'm glad you got some rest - your body has been through a long and hard fight, and it will probably take a bit before "libido" is one of its priorities again.

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