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Day 692

Pain and I are on pretty familiar terms....

Pain has visited me many times over my 60 years, so much so that you would think it would one day pour me a Scotch and say, "you know, I think you've had enough..."

It gave me previews with little warnings, like a broken shoulder and stress fractures in my foot when I was in my 20s, but they were survivable, nuisances for overindulgence in physical activity.

Even the psychic pains of losing both parents and both sisters, well, I had no choice but to endure those as well.

It gave me reminders by hitting me with a rare form of arthritis in my legs, which lasted about 3 months, before taking its leave.

In my late 30s, pain came roaring back by christening me with an intolerable bout of kidney stones. The pain, which came and went for about 2 weeks, was about as bad as you can imagine.

I've fractured my knees and toes, and recovered. The pain was there, but after a while, you kind of get used to it.

Now it visits me at night, tumbling my body from sleep, and by day it cripples me as I attempt to live my life. It grips me and will not let me rest.

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