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Day 697

Places I remember making out for the first time....

We were waiting at the turnstiles for the F train so that you could go 2 stops home. There was an 8 minute wait. "How about we make out for a while?" So we did.

We were sitting on the top of a couch against a wall at a performance of a band called The Kropotkins. You turned to me to smile, and so I leaned in and kissed you.

We were sitting in a crowded Italian wine bar. You told me that you had to go to the bathroom. I asked you if I could kiss you first, because you might climb out the window and I'd never see you again. You laughed and kissed me.

We were sitting in the front row watching a band. The violinist was so close that we thought she was going to hit us with her bow. During intermission, we laughed and started kissing.

I was on the beach at Coney Island, and we were sitting in the sand. A wind blew up and sand went all over us. While we were rolling around to cover ourselves, we kissed.

These, and so many more. I lost all these women, but it was no disaster.

More to come....

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  • Otter Otter
    3 months ago

    Aw, these all seem like such magical moments.

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