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Day 325

Bye bye, psycho

So my ex must have arrived in Portugal by now. I wonder if he waited around a bit for me at the airport... So weird to think of the text he sent me, it's just bizarre.

What did the honestly think would happen if I actually showed up to run away with him? I'd give him a hug and say, 'Oh my gosh how you doing? Feels like I haven't seen you since you told me I was a fat bitch and needed to deal with it! Mwah mwah!'?

The thought of the greeting and following awkwardness makes me grin and yet also makes me realize just how messed up that kid is.

See, I've learned a lot since I stopped dating in my own age bracket-guys often take FOREVER to mature-honestly, the majority of guys I know around my age are still trying to get their shit together. Some of them have absolutely no idea. Luke is 8 years older than me and wise beyond his years, he's very mature and yet he still finds ways to have fun and be silly when time calls for it.

Related, I'm really quite glad my ex isn't in the country anymore.

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