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Day 331

I was an ungrateful shit, part 2

So after a while, Luke got through to me. I had pushed away the moron who had manipulated me and then thrown a tantrum because I didn't want to subscribe to a relationship with him and his manipulative, bipolar tactics... Luke had been there that whole time I was desperate and scared.

Why hadn't I noticed? Even now, I can't say. I don't understand. My life back them felt like a lot of alcohol, sleep and persuasion.

When Luke and I have it another shot, we were both better people for it. We had the time apart and had grown. Gotten the be stuff out of our system. We needed that time apart otherwise we would've fallen apart beyond any kind of repair.

And now? We are going to Rome in April. Romantic Rome. A whole 12 days there to explore and experience the city and each other.

Things couldn't actually be better. As much as I'm ashamed for my time spent with that low life, he did show me just how ungrateful I was to Luke. He gave me everything-he still does. He loves me unconditionally and would do anything for me. I am so in love with him, simple words cannot express.

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