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Day 790

1917, the film

Wow. A unique combination of reality and the visual drama of a video game. A film that takes you out of yourself like a punch. We’re with everyman Tom and Will running down the trenches, across the harrowing craters, through the barbed wire. We almost die but live again, spluttering into the sunshine. A plane crashes into a country idyll. Kindness kills. Shocked, our emotions move like a baton to Will. Alone he crosses the river, again and again is almost killed, again and again he is forced to kill. There is no time to think, but there is time for a candle lit lullaby, there is time for a woman to loom out of the shadows and then: murder, fear, cold, exhaustion, survival, death, and weeping life. Amazed, we arrive to hear the song of an angel floating through the trees. Whispers of home, beauty, sunlight after the nightmare. Will delivers the message and saves thousands of lives that day. Finally he sits beneath a lone tree and savours life.

I didn't expect to be so swept away by a war film. I went because my brother's son is staying, to make his visit more interesting. Glad I did.

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