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Day 709

The Day to Day Management of Severe Pain....

Bedtime (10 - 11 pm): take a Percocet and massage your right side (made easier because I have electric massaging stick.) Because if you don't sleep (which you won't, because the pain is actually worse when you lay down), then you won't have enough energy to do all you need to so in the morning.

4 am: The pain is back; Percocet only gives me about 4 hours of sleep. Take 3 Ibuprofens, spend 20 minutes massaging the muscles which tightened up while sleeping. Apply some CBD/THC oil, which seems to have no effect, but maybe it has a tiny one.

6:30 am: Wake up, crawl to the bathroom to take regular morning meds (blood pressure, stomach and thyroid.) Morning exercise includes rubbing ball under foot, standing and sitting "figure 4s" and balancing on a yoga brick.

7:00 am: take "booster" of Naproxin. Read Pynchon and drink coffee.

7:20 am: hot shower, let hot water hit right side while doing standing stretches.

10 am: 600 mg Ibuprofen, 2 of 3 recommended doses. Subway and walk to work, stretch stops.

4 pm: final 600 mg of Ibuprofen.

6 pm: heating pad, countdown to Percocet.

Manage pain, repeat, repeat, repeat....

Live a normal life as possible, is possible.

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  • Otter Otter
    7 weeks ago

    Aw, Rav. I wish there was something that could be done to help you kick Pain's ass. :(

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