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Day 333

Life is bliss

Things are going so well.

Luke and I are off to the great city of Rome in April for 13 days. We are going to stay in the middle of the city and go everywhere by foot andor bicycle. It's going to be and incredible adventure, I really can't wait.

I'm having my very last days of work in Pets at Home on Wednesday and Thursday evening - then I'm gone! No more weekend work and maximum time spent with my family and friends.

Luke and I have created this amazing little home. I remember the first time I walked into his apartment that it was so empty and plain-it's now busting with colour, texture and life (due to all the plants I've grown). It's beautiful and, even though I designedput together most of it, Luke let's me having total interior design power. He's amazing, letting my creativity flourish!

The place looks incredible and it's evenings like this where, he has his head on my lap, Chip snuggled at my side, my fingers running through Luke's hair and stroking Chip, that I feel I'm the luckiest girl in the universe.

Life is bliss.

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