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Day 329

Duck duck goose

First he read my physical journal, translating the Greek I'd written in the.

Then he read my online journal, by searching intently for me and finding me in a sea of a million other journals.

Now he reads my phone.

I know he loves me, and trusts me, to an extent, but this is strange, no?

After each time he would read an intimate piece of my life, he would say the same thing, 'I promise I will never read your journalonline journalphone again.'

I'm not sure what to think. Should I let this slide again? I suppose he doesn't physically have anything left to read. I only have these three things that I write in, the real journal, this online journal and my cell phone.

Besides, I trust that he will keep his promise of not invading my privacy again, and since there's nothing left to read, surely he'll have to stop now, right?

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