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Day 155

Penguin's Drama - Part 2

After she admitted that she'd essentially put herself in the hospital, I didn't respond. My phone exploded with more texts:

"Probably won't be able to go back to work. I won't be able to drive."

"I've had like 30+ seizures now. I broke my brain."

"I'm being discharged now. I'm taking the week off, then my parents are going to drive me to work every day."

She called last night. I didn't answer. Another text this morning:

"I'm still having seizures. I'm doubtful I'll ever go back to work. Anytime I think of something remotely stressful, I have one or two or FIVE."

At first I thought I was being heartless, but then I remembered what I know about her. She's always faked illnesses or intentionally made herself sick. Her parents are millionaires. They'll probably buy her and her new son a house like they did for her sister with special needs and take care of her the rest of her life. Penguin wants pity and awe for being "so strong," and I refuse. I won't be her plaything for her own self-worth anymore. I won't tolerate beatdowns of "I'm not like you. I'm good at everything!" anymore. I don't need to suffer for her.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    7 weeks ago

    This woman really loves suffering, albeit mostly apparently of her own invention or manufacture, and the attention that goes with it. She loves to see others try to solve her invented puzzles that increase in complexity ad infinitum.

    You do not need to be part of the circus; you cannot afford to be part of it, financially or, more importantly, emotionally. She will wind in everyone and anyone who bites, and everyone attached to them.

    You owe it to yourself and your family not to take the lure.

    She is a non-person; block her number; expunge her memory; remove remembrance; suppress sympathy; cut commiseration; remove response; depress 'decency'.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    7 weeks ago

    Glad you caught onto her.... attend to your own life, Otter, and stay on your positive path.

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  • Otter Otter
    7 weeks ago

    runcicle - I believe you've hit the nail on the head, friend. She's been obsessed with puzzle games and brain-teasers her whole life, so she has started making puzzles out of reality and trying to force others to solve them. I truly think she gets a power-trip from it, as though she's a goddess that must be tended to. Everything has to go as planned for her - she's even learned how to manipulate dice to roll whatever number she wants, simply because she doesn't like "fate" or "chance."

    RavDiablo - Me too. I've known for a couple of years now that she was a toxic cloud, but I thought I could just wear a gas mask and deal with it for her sake. But why force myself to wear the mask when I could just leave and get fresh air?

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