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Day 791

Every step you take, I'll be watching

I have taken over every detail of Ma’s life now, ever since her fall on Thursday evening which landed us in hospital for the night. She bruised the muscle of her left buttocks which is causing her enormous pain. I have taken charge of the change of her incontinence pads, her pants, tights, thermal vests…. In fact every layer of clothing. I dress her, put her hearing aids in and wheel chair her to the bathroom. The one thing I still do not do is help her with going to the loo and washing. As a result she has not had a shower since Wednesday night. I make sure she washes her hands with soap, she brushes her teeth and washes her face and then puts on moisutrising cream. The reason I can do this calmly is because I know that there is a time limit.

I am concerned about next week when I go with the children to E for three days. James blithely suggested I don’t go, that I stay and look after her. He is skiing now. Ma is supposed to be staying with him next week. He uses his stairs as the reason she can't.

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