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Day 334

First Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, now X Men

In my previous life I'd always enjoyed a good superhero story, y'know, the classic super powered team fighting the baddies and kicking butt. I had never really given Star Wars or the X Men a go however, and since Luke and I are introducing each other to new movies and franchises, I agreed to watch Lord of the Rings. I actually enjoyed it.

Then it was Star Wars, we watched them all including the one in the cinemas, which by the way, the guy who plays Kylo Ren is super good-looking so win-win!

Now it's the X Men, which is probably my favourite so far. I love the powers and the plot, it's incredible. I've just finished the First Class film last night. We were up until 2 watching it! So much fun, I've given me some inspiration to carry on with my novella...

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