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Day 157

The Next Company Vacation

Today it's been settled that our next Offsite-Event (Read as: Company-paid vacation) will be in May. I'm so ready for three days of relaxation, fun, and pampering. Like last year, I feel guilty and sad that Honeybun can't come with me - Employees only. I wish I could have him at my side through all the fun and share the cottage together. :( I'm blessed that our company pays for us to travel and have fun once a year, but it's not the same without having my man to share it with. Last year I'd called him every morning and talked to him until I fell asleep each night in my bungalow.

Yet, I know I'll appreciate having a whole cottage to myself. I spent most of my childhood alone (homeschooled, only-child in a very small/rural town) and had become very comfortable with being alone. I spent so many afternoons laying on the grass on my parents' property - listening to the wind, feeling the sun, and hanging out in my own head. I'll savor the time away from everything for a bit - No traffic sounds, no barking dogs, no noisy neighbors, just wind and water and beautiful sunrises.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    8 weeks ago

    That sounds awesome. My school has a farm upstate, and each year there's a bigass schoolwide outing where we stuff ourselves with food. I stay at an airbnb that night in a nice soft bed....

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