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Day 335

This day of love and consumerism

Today was kind of perfect.

I woke up to a message from Luke telling me to tell Alexa that I'd like potatoes for Valentine's Day. She responded by giving me a sweet wake up message from Luke with one of my favourite songs at the end!

I spent the day time deep cleaning, fusing over Chip and the gerbils and crocheting.

In the evening, once Luke was done with work and on his way back home, I hand made him a giant pastry peanut butter cup - oh the overload of chocolate was real! A nice pastry heart on top. I also got us a cool vibrator to experiment with - I just know that with more experimentation, I'll finally have my first orgasm.

Luke got home and I made dinner, we snuggled and there was a knock on the door... A giant box the size of two midgets at our door. Luke tells me to open it and it's two dozen roses and a balloon! Beautiful. Just beautiful. I smiled from ear to ear all evening.

Sometimes we feel like a really traditional kind of family unit from 1960's America.

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