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Day 354

Barging through life

I've been doing the hoovering this morning whilst babba sits in his high chair chewing on a spatula, watching my dad cook.
I was throwing the hoover around as I usually do. And I think I hit my ankles so many times that I am now more bruise than ankle.

As I berated myself, I thought this was a pretty good metaphor for myself. I am a bit of a barger. I walk with purpose and generally don't divert for much. So, I end up crashing and hurting myself.

It got me reflecting on my relationship with husband at the moment. We've been hitting heads a lot. Over very menial, little things. We are both extremely stubborn, and he knows what to say to make me bite every time. And then afterwards we look at each other in hurt and confusion a bit like, wtf?

He doesn't know why he sets the bait, and I don't know why I snap it up, every single time. A bit more discussion and self reflection is definitely needed.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    10 days ago

    Because there's some underlying issue, disagreement, that is so sensitive that neither of you want to bring up.

    Neither of you wants to start it because they know that the other has a valid counter-argument; so you argue about minor things.

    What are the three matters to never argue about? sex, politics, religion.

    From a woman's point of view it's housework and childcare; from a man's point of view it's sex.

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