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Day 739

Corona Virus Memories: The Bizarre and the Beautiful

Yesterday I got the strangest phone call, perhaps in my entire life. A distant cousin, who I hadn't seen since my mother passed away over 35 years ago, called me. She's 91 years old.

She rambled on about a lot of things: how happy she was to talk to me, asked me how I was, what was I doing, do I have kids. She told me about a book she had written and a family tree she was compiling. She told me about some cousins who had emigrated to Israel, and how they were many of them there. I gave her my address so she could send me her book, then my email so she could contact me, and then she asked for my address and my email again.

Today I was on Facebook and a former students, who I haven't seen in 30 years, posted that she was lonely and wanted to video chat with someone. So I stepped up.

What happened was magic: we talked about this freaky world we find ourselves in, we laughed about the past, we dug into our past and present lives, and we were just happy together, a teacher and his student reunited in time.

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  • Otter Otter
    8 days ago

    That's beautiful, Rav. I'm sure you really made an impact on that student's life, and I'm glad you got to chat once again! The book your cousin is writing sounds interesting as well. Family trees are intriguing things - seeing how far the branches spread.

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